Who we are and what we do:

Educating Children

Designing curriculum, providing resources and supplies, and getting children excited about learning through novel learning activities.

Sponsoring children's education at a private school or vocational school through the Mind Investor program. Vocation school participants have studied Safari Guide Management and Fashion/Sewing.

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Transforming Health & Infrastructure

Built a dental hygiene room, high school science lab, installed kitchen and bathroom sinks, constructed a playground, instituted hand washing routines, purchased a safe school bus, procured new wheelchairs and built handicap accessible bathrooms and pathways for disabled children in need, sponsored medical care/surgeries, fabricated and distributed feminine hygiene products and more.

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Spreading joy

Using innovative crafts, engaging songs, and quality time to foster children's excitement about education while broadening their horizons. Building confidence and self worth by showing children that they are unique, cared for,  and valued.

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The Summer of 2017 where it all began with a solo volunteer trip...

Current Project March-April 2024: Maasai Water Project

Help members of the Maasai Tribe have access to clean water

Recent: 2024 Kwamkono Wheelchair Pathway Construction

Recent: 2023 Construct a Science & Physics Lab in 2 Weeks!


Goals Accomplished:


  • At Vipaji Nursery School & Daycare Center
    • Happy Teeth Center ( Dental Hygiene room) constructed
    • 4 sinks installed at the Center
      • Kitchen
      • Bathroom
      • 2 in Happy Teeth Center
    • Chicken coop constructed for food and capital opportunities.
    • 15 new mattresses for nap time
    • School van windshield and transmission replaced
    • Outdoor kitchen constructed
    • Back salary paid for nannies/staff
    • New drinking water system initiated (Boiled water and personal bottles for each child)
    • Nursery school curriculum revamped and revised- taught classes daily, incorporating crafts and fun.
    • Community meetings with mothers to discuss healthy eating and discipline techniques
    • Center stocked with school supplies, lesson plans, and toys


  • 60 toddler shoes purchased and delivered to Cradle of Love baby orphanage
  • Refrigerator purchased and breast pump provided to single mother of premature triplets


  • Playground constructed and installed at Vipaji Nursery School Center
  • Sponsored the formal education of the school’s one teacher and she completed her certificate program in Early Childhood Education in July 2019
  • Initiated the Mind Investor sponsorship program and the first five children are now enrolled at private schools.


  • Bus purchased and outfitted for Vipaji Daycare Center
  • Education sponsorship renewed for five children


  • 4 new students added to our Mind Investor Program!
  • Cow purchased for one of our Mind Investor student’s family to provide milk for the family’s nutrition and also to act as secondary income with selling of surplus milk.
  • Alex, one of our Mind Investor Program students, graduated from Arusha Wisdom College with a certificate in Tour Guiding Management!


  • Tanga Wheelchair Initiative: 10 wheelchairs hand-constructed in Moshi and delivered to 10 paraplegic children at Kwamkono Disabled Center in Tanga.
  • 7 year-old Johnson, a child with birth defects, was able to have cleft palate correction surgery and cataract removal surgery!


  • Alex, one of our Mind Investor Porgam students, graduated from driving school with his license to drive commercial and safari vehicles so he is now fully certified and ready to begin his safari tour guide career!
  • 10 handicap accessible bathroomscomplete with sinks and showers, were constructed at Kwamkono Center for the Disabled, an orphanage with 65 children with disabilities.


  • KFHP: Kwamkono Feminine Hygiene Project
An estimated 500 million women lack access to menstrual products and adequate facilities for menstrual hygiene management.  Girls at an orphanage for the disabled had no access to sanitary products and were forced to use old rags or leaves during their monthly cycle.
From Hearts 2 Hands latest project aimed to combat these disparities and over 1000 reusable sanitary pads were created and distributed to more than 700 girls in need.
  • Science & Physics Lab Creation

At the local secondary school where some of our MIP students are sponsored, there was a glaring gap in the available resources for students who were interested in pursuing careers in the fields of science, engineering, and medicine.

In just two weeks, the school was outfitted with a fully equipped lab, complete with glass beakers, necessary chemical agents, 3-D anatomical organ models, a full-sized skeletal model, organ system posters and more. These resources allow for hands-on, visual learning!

  • Pediatric Get Well Cards

Over 75 cards handwritten by students at Loma Linda University School of Medicine were delivered to pediatric patients in hospitals in Liberia and Tanzania.


  • Kwamkono Wheelchair Pathway: Paving the Way to Accessible Education: a school in Tanga is now complete handicap accessible with cement pathways and ramps constructed across the entire campus!

Potential Future Goals:

  • Partnering with the refugee camp in Kigoma, Tanzania to brighten the lives of the children there.
  • Expanding the Mind Investor Program to more children and areas.
  • Expanding the Feminine Hygiene product project to more girls in need in Tanzania.
  • Initiating the Maasai Water Project which will work to provide more clean water sources to the Maasai Tribe in Monduli, Arusha, Tanzania.



Opening day of the Happy Teeth Center!
Opening day of the Happy Teeth Center!
Lunch time with the kiddos is one of my favorite parts of the day.
Lunch time with the kiddos is one of my favorite parts of the day.
The completed playground!
The completed playground!
Meet Joshua! One of the recipients of a new wheelchair.
Meet Joshua! One of the recipients of a new wheelchair.
Distribution day in Tanga, TZ

Next Steps...

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