2018 Goals Accomplished:

  • Build a playground for neighborhood children ( constructed in just 1.5 weeks!)
  • Sponsor the education of the nursery school's teacher
  • Further improve the center and provide enriching educational activities for the children
  • Launch the Mind Investor program and sponsor the private educations of 5 children who have aged out of the nursery school

For the kiddos...

Together we did!

Sincere thanks to everyone who donated to help make this dream a reality. Playgrounds are rare in Usa River and the only playground in the area for miles was located in the backyard of a bar. Now the children have a safe place to play with good supervision! The construction crew I contracted has the mission of employing orphans who have aged out of the orphanage system and providing them with a trade and way to support themselves, so I loved working with this company.

With your donations Madam Rachel (nursery school teacher) was able to begin Early Childhood Education classes in July with her tuition fully paid and will receive her official certificate July 2019!

With the launch of the Mind Investor program, 5 children are now able to receive an education at a private school thanks to your sponsorship!

Now it's time to start planning for next summer! We'd love to have your support!