Buckets 4 Buses- March 2019


A fundraiser collaboration with LLC "Crown Him Presents" raised $2,000!

How did it work? Donors signed up to pledge a dollar amount per NBA’s Warriors’ basketball game point at the March 8 game! For example: select $1 per point; at the end of the game if the final score was 80 a donation was given of $80.

For what? From Hearts 2 Hands Inc.  used the fundraised money to help purchase a bus for kids in Tanzania. The picture below is an actual image of the kids at the  Vipaji Nursery School and Daycare in Usa River, Tanzania, being transferred to school in a five-seater vehicle. On an average day, the school transports up to 30 kids. You can imagine how difficult that is to transport 30 kids in a five seater on a daily basis. With your help, we made their journey much easier and safer.